Teileanzahl: 3 x 500
Puzzlefläche: 49 x 35 cm


This Game of Thrones Collector’s Box Set Vol. 1 is ideal for every fan of the popular books and television series and a great addition to their collection. Contained inside this deluxe Game of Thrones collector’s box are three ‘family’ themed jigsaw puzzles. The first puzzle in this collection features one of, if not the most famous, families – the Lanister’s. The puzzle montage features Tyrion, Cersei, Tywin, Jamie and Joffery Baratheon – only because of his Mother’s involvement. The second puzzle in the box focusses on the heroes beneath the Wall – The Knight’s Watch. In this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle you can piece together John Snow, Allister Thorne, Samwell Tarly, Lord Commander Mormont, Pypar, Green, Qhorin and Eddison Tollett. The third and final jigsaw puzzle in this fantastic collection lets you piece together the famous Stark family – whose journey is followed closely in both the books and the television series. In this 500 piece jigsaw, you see Lord Eddard Stark, his wife and Queen Lady Catelyn Stark, his son’s Bran, John and Robb and his daughters Sansa and Arya. To make this Game of Thrones Collector’s Box set even more special, each of the three 500 piece jigsaw puzzles are packaged in their own individual presentation boxes within the main box – making this a luxury gift for any Game of Thrones fans and puzzlers. All three jigsaw puzzles measure 49 x 35 cm (approximately) when complete and have been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure that each jigsaw piece maintains its original shape time and time again. It’s a sign of quality that Jumbo is extremely proud of and one that you will notice.
Teileanzahl: 3 x 500
Puzzlefläche: 49 x 35 cm



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